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Nurture allows what nature endows!
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The Tumblr version of the blog is more just for fun and some silliness. With LGBTQ issues/activism, interesting imagery, pop culture, videos, music.
It's the things I like that move and pop.

Some stuff is NSFW, but most is PG-13 viewable. We're all adults here. Enjoy it, and I'd love your feedback, comments, questions, or love! :)
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Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me (Rinaldo Montezz remix)

Some classic 70’s rock gets a glitchy, moombahton makeover!

Grateful to meet another icon of mine! She is as wonderful and charming and as fabulous as we’ve all imagined her to be! #annielennox #eurythmics #icon #nostalgia #listeningparty

Eclectic Method - “Wizard of Oz Remix”

"Are you a good glitch, or a bad glitch?" ;)


Meet Henry, today’s posting on the “Born This Way Blog

"This picture and time of my life brings back great memories, because our grandparents didn’t care about our differences. They just wanted us to be happy and to be ourselves."

Click to read more: Born This Way Blog - Henry

Zoot Woman - Don’t Tear Yourself Apart

Great new single!

Kate Boy - Self Control

Basement Jaxx - Never Say Never ft. ETML

Basement Jaxx unleash the “TW3RK-BOT1.0” on the world! Do we blame Miley Cyrus? Big Freedia? Or The Terminator? :)


DJs From Mars vs. David Puentez - Welcome To The Darkside


Sam Smith - Stay With Me (Throttle remix)