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The Tumblr version of the blog is more just for fun and some silliness. With LGBTQ issues/activism, interesting imagery, pop culture, videos, music.
It's the things I like that move and pop.

Some stuff is NSFW, but most is PG-13 viewable. We're all adults here. Enjoy it, and I'd love your feedback, comments, questions, or love! :)
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Basement Jaxx - Never Say Never ft. ETML

Basement Jaxx unleash the “TW3RK-BOT1.0” on the world! Do we blame Miley Cyrus? Big Freedia? Or The Terminator? :)


DJs From Mars vs. David Puentez - Welcome To The Darkside


Sam Smith - Stay With Me (Throttle remix)



This is seriously my favorite song this year - at least this summer! I’m digging this the same way I did when I first heard MGMT’s “Time To Pretend”. Enjoy the oddball, fairly creepy video too!

Dye ft. Egyptian Lover - “She’s Bad”

Sexy song, great beats, fairly creepy visuals - but genius concept and *ahem * execution!

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The fierce gay boys in heels dancing to #Beyonce were hot! But you’ll go ape over these fiercer gorillas!

Britney Spears vs. Gal Volinez - Work, Bitch!

Today, the internets win!

Feeling da funk on this hot #JanesAddiction remix by #ShimiSonic!

Netsky ft. Beth Ditto - Running Low


Teddybears - Sunshine

CRAZY and fun new track and video from our favorite Swedes!
Warning: Laser rainbow vajayjay on the loose!

Bob Marley - Jamming (Kungs edit)

Summertime happiness!